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دسترسی سریع

By Car

Iran Mall is accessible via following routes:
• Northern access via Shahid Kharazi Highway
• Southern access via Chahar Bagh street
• Western access via Iran Khodro Street
• Eastern access from Tabiat Boulevard

Iran Mall has more than 14000 parking spaces including free parkings for the disabled situated in the nearest distance to the hubs.

In addition to making the most of public transportation system, Iran Mall has developed other local accesses to the residents in order to resolve traffic congestion in the region.

Access to the parking lots categorized by destination:

From Tehran:
- Shahid Kharazi Highway,  Tunnel No.1, Southern Tunnel, Iran Khodro Ave., Entrance No.1 (RG), Exhibition Parking.

From Karaj:

- Shahid Kharazi Highway, Iran Khodro Ave., West Passage 1, RG Overpass, Entrance 1 (RG), Exhibition Parking