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دسترسی سریع


A state-of-the-art cinema compound with 12 halls and a capacity of some 1800 people, using the world’s up-to-date technology, enables screening of Iran’s top movies within the field of social, generation, sacred defense and art as well as world’s movies of the day.

The specific features of this complex are as follows:

•The most complete acoustic isolation method to prevent sound interference with the surroundings
•The largest  cinema screen in Iran with a height of 8.2 meters
•The largest silver screen for 3D movies and the use of 3D glasses for the first time in Iran
•Equipped with the latest 4K technology in line with the world's top cinemas
•Equipped with 26.1 AuroMax 3D sound system with 40 speakers around and 8 speakers behind screen for the first time in Iran
•Interior design of the halls in accordance with the latest trends in the world in 6 completely different groups
•Children's cinema hall with distinctive and attractive design
•3 VIP halls with a capacity of 17 people each for the first time in Iran.
•VIP seats with adjustable footrest and support angle

•Centralized management system for controlling movie broadcasting and hall control automation with the capability of direct film download from satellite and simultaneous broadcast on global screens
•The most complete fire safety system: all the material and components used in the construction and equipment of the halls have passed standard tests