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دسترسی سریع


(TEHRAN, December 8)- Iran Mall Permanent Exhibition Center obtained ISO 21001:2018 certificate from UK EuroCert after holding several education-oriented exhibitions and events.

According to Iran Mall's Public Relations Office, Iran Mall Permanent International Exhibition Center was awarded the ISO 21001:2018 Standard Certificate from UK EuroCert, after holding several education-oriented seminars, meetings and conferences with emphasis on knowledge and learning.

The EuroCert Company grants its certificates for promoting inclusive, quality, and equitable education to educational service providers other than universities and schools. Iran Mall Permanent Exhibition Center enjoys a hall equipped with state-of-the-art requirements for business negotiations and has been able to meet the standards and criteria required by the British company by holding quality conferences and events.

EuroCert was founded in response to the growing demand of entrepreneurs and businessmen to create a sustainable system for improving management systems in organizations. The company takes a comprehensive look at corporate responsibility and takes into consideration a wide range of activities.