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دسترسی سریع


Organizing, managing, directing, controlling and overseeing the principled, qualitative, correct, justified and legal implementation of 5 below-mentioned activities within the framework of the responsibilities, powers, limitations, potentials and capabilities of the Exhibition Center with the maximum possible productivity and in accordance with current and applicable laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

1.    Qualitative and maximal provision of material and physical and moral interests of all stakeholders
2.    Providing the necessary platform and infrastructure, including hardware, software, mental and content, to carry out the processes and activities required to hold a variety of events in Iran Mall Event & Convention Center.
3.    Preparing main, supplementary and support  spaces of Iran Mall Event & Convention Center along with enhancing and facilitating events from technical, executive, engineering, road and access, parking, services, security, HSE, health and safety, public relations and advertising, ICT, Catering and Food & Beverage perspective in collaboration with different companies of Iran Mall.
4.    Identifying, evaluating, validating, rating and supporting, enhancing and accompanying the organizers within the context of the center's rules, priorities, authorities, and the tasks assigned to each involving entity with the goal of quantitatively and qualitatively enhancing the efficiency of potentials and spaces to hold a variety of events including exhibitions, festivals, conferences,  seminars and other cultural, religious, artistic, social and sports events.
5.    Study, research and development (R&D), benchmarking and analysis of competitors and similar internal and external organizations, both physical and virtual (cyber) in various fields of planning, technical, implementation, ICT, etc. in line with upgrading the technical, scientific, specialized and executive knowledge and activities of the Exhibition Center based on the latest global scientific, technological advancements with an organizational excellence approach in the field of the activities of Iran Mall Event & Convention Center.